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Do straight men wear sheer socks?

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True classic fashion is something many well to do and very polished gentlemen have. From Royalty to Presidents, Actors / Movie / TV Executives, Business Professionals and many others wear men sheer socks. You may have never noticed but every now and then during “Award Season” you will catch someone on TV wearing them. Men sheer socks are worn in many Countries around the world, perhaps not as popular in the U.S. for everyday use, but you would be surprised how many men do wear them with suits and formal wear. Here you can read some thoughts of straight people from internet who do not have anything against wearing sheer socks for men:

Mike USA

I remember when a lot of guys wore them in 70s and 80s. I love men sheers/tnt socks and wish they would come back in style. I don’t like the fact that some sites refer to them as “gay socks”. That is the ridiculous thing I ever heard. Since when does a certain type of socks have someone’s sexuality attached to it.

Patrick UK

As a straight, happily married man I can tell you that sexual orientation has nothing to do with what you wear, and those how try to judge others for doing so are very ignorant and ill informed.

Since when wearing type of Socks became the criteria for Sexual Orientation of a person...!!! I am a very... Very and completely straight man and I wear all kind of socks..!!!.. Opaque, sheer, soft, thick, long, short, designer, patterns... Almost all kind...!!!

Simon USA

Go ahead and wear sheer socks... If something judges you based on your socks type then it is his problem not yours.

Michael Canada

Stop and think: Men get their ears pierced and wear earrings. When I was in High School back in the 60's no teen would dare to wear earrings. Platform shoes were popular in the 70s for guys. Women wear pants like men. Men have long hair like women and women have short hair like men. Men wore sheer socks back in the 50s and 60s and were sold in a lot of clothing stores. Maybe they will come back again and be sold in men's clothing stores again. Now you have to buy them online. Some men don't wear socks in shoes. I think if men feel comfortable wearing sheer socks they should wear them. If more rock stars starting wearing them a lot then men would probably want them because it's in fashion.

John USA

Yes. They’re usually worn as calf-high socks and by older men and women. They actual promote blood circulation around the foot and up half way through the calf for comfort. I think straight guys where sheer dress socks with suits but I can't think of any other reason. But their socks aren't as sheer as women's socks or hosiery. Wouldn't bother me as long as he shaves his legs. I wouldn't want to see curly hair through the sock.

Tom Netherlands

I can't think of a single fashion-related reason for any men to wear nude see-through socks/stockings. Unless they're cross dressing. In which case, it still does not indicate a sexual orientation, as plenty of straight males have cross dressed (myself included, if only once, it was strangely liberating).

Angel Spain

 Yes they can and, here in Spain, they do. They are called “Ejecutivo” (executive) socks and they are popular with certain groups of people…

Source: Quora, Pinterest

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  • Jon Cloke on

    I am really pleased to read these comments. I wear them because I love thin see throughs. Great to know that we all feel the same that it has nothing to do with sexuality or gender. I will be wearing them from here on. Just wish other colours than black & brown were available.

  • Donald on

    I think down right stupid to assume someone sexual orientation from what kind of socks they wear. People who think like that and or poses the question have problem with there selves.

  • J.J. on

    Yes, sheer socks are worn by many men in many cultures. I have seen many throughout Europe, Asia, Arabia….most definitely Italy by gentlemen in the Upper classes and some in the middle class. It gives a most polished look to gentlemen fine footwear and tailored suiting. This comment about gay is utterly ridiculous, I ’very honestly never heard before, a very stupid confused snap judgrment by most likely a rather ignorant and poorly educated person who has been exactly nowhere and is going nowhere worthwhile. Pitiful, REALLY!

  • Joseph on

    I’ve ordered several packages of Ejecutivo brand (Spanish) men’s sheer socks from an online seller in Spain. They’re long (up to the knee), comfortable and high quality. Unfortunately, this seller is going out of business. Is there any other online retailer who sells these Ejecutivo brand calcetines?

    Joseph USA

  • Sergio Ward on

    Sheer hosiery is My Fashion trademark.
    I wear them with My suits,tuxedos and dress clothes.
    They feel Great with dress shoes.
    I model them on Pinterest…
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